Empowering teachers to create a hybrid learning environment to attain student achievement

Education is at its best when teachers and students are engaged and learning together – and technology is a fantastic enabler.  Student achievement is at the heart of everything you do - and Compugen wants to give you the tools you need to create an inclusive remote learning environment on Windows 10 low cost devices where all your students have a chance succeed!  

Compugen is excited to offer K-12 teachers a choice of virtual training sessions delivered by a Microsoft professional.  Let us know which topic is of interest to you, and we’ll set it up with our Microsoft Learning Consultant.  Each sessions is about 2 hours long. 

The virtual sessions you can choose from include:

Flip Grid – Empower every voice in your class!
Social and collaborative learning may be one of humankind’s oldest forms of learning. At the core, social learning is the continuous process of learning from other people. We learn socially when we observe other people, ask questions, and share knowledge or resources. Video is an essential social learning tool.  Flipgrid is where social and emotional learning happens! Flipgrid, the leading video discussion platform empowers social learning but more importantly the technology enables students to contribute anytime, rehearse and benefit from the accessibility and creativity features built into the application when creating their responses. 

2. Microsoft Forms – when you want feedback
Microsoft Forms is a simple, lightweight app that lets you easily create surveys, polls and quizzes.  The application allows the creator/educator to see results in real time whether it is a student check in via a form (survey, poll) or a formative assessment using the quiz option. With features such as Immersive Reader and multilingual support found within the application, as well as integration within many of your other favourite Microsoft applications such as PowerPoint, Stream, Teams, Sway, and OneNote online - Microsoft Forms versatility offers much for all learners.

3. Skype in the Classroom
Thinking of an enhancing and enriching way to allow learning to continue beyond the classroom walls - Skype in the Classroom is the answer. Skype in the Classroom is a free global community that fosters empathy and compassion for each other and our planet. The application allows for global connections and authentic learning through virtual field trips, collaborative projects with other classrooms around the globe, guest speaker sessions and class connections through a cultural exchange or a game of Mystery Skype. Activities easily connect with the curriculum, spark creativity and curiosity, make learning relevant and fun, promote global citizenship and equality.

Microsoft Teams – Synchronous Learning
Teams is an online classroom hub as well as tool for collaboration and instruction designed to allow for student growth. In this space, teachers can organize and share classroom objectives and learning outcomes while increasing student engagement and ownership of their learning goals. Students can also develop digital citizenship, engage their creative capabilities, and think critically about the world.  The synchronous learning within Teams training introduces teachers to the fundamentals of Teams, readying them for collaboration with others in real time and initiating the conversation about instructional use of the platform.

Microsoft Teams – Asynchronous Learning
When learning cannot happen at the same time for every learner Microsoft Teams provides numerous tools, features and functions to successfully allow for learning to continue at a time that is most beneficial for the learner. During this intermediate learning session, we will explore the different ways learning can happen asynchronously whereby all students are set up for success with attention being given to accessibility and inclusivity.  The focus will include the use of OneNote Class Notebook, Assignments and Stream.

Microsoft Stream – when a video is worth MORE than a 1000 words
Microsoft Stream is your School District/Division’s own video service and site. Specific individuals, such as educators, consultants, administrators, within your organization can upload, view, create and share videos securely with everyone within your organization or just a few individuals, classes or colleagues.  Individuals can share recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, training sessions, or other videos that aid your class's or individual's learning journey. In this training we will explore how to navigate the application as well as the most common features utilized.  Additionally, you will learn how to share comments on a video, tag time-codes, how to refer and jump to specific points in a video, and how to use next-gen video tools like searchable and auto-generated captions.

7. Literacy Tools
Literacy tools such as Immersive Reader and Dictate help build student independence while using a choice-based tool.   The Immersive Reader works to enhance reading comprehension, more specifically increase student word recognition and decoding skills by reading text to them.  The Dictate tool provides an alternate path to the writing process with voice-typing capabilities (speech to text) which empowers students to communicate more effectively using hands-free typing.

8. Mobile Tools
This session on Mobile tools for Inclusive Classrooms introduces teachers to three Microsoft tools: Microsoft Translator, Office Lens and Seeing AI.  This learning session is designed to leverage the capability of these apps to meet the needs of diverse learners while enhancing the teachers’ current efforts.

9. Microsoft's OneNote to rule them all
Learn how to support your students, remain organized, and communicate with OneNote. During this training, we will review a teacher-guided framework that allows for content preparation, creation, and distribution. We will also cover how to create lessons and unit plans and keep you, as a teacher, connected with your school community. Other features that we will touch on include Immersive Reader, Dictation and online video integration. Learn how to support your students, remain organized, and communicate with confidence using OneNote.
10. Spark ideas with Sway
Creativity is no longer an add-on component of instruction. Creativity is a vital skill to prepare students for life in the 21st century. Creative thinking encompasses a wide range of skills that support academic areas. It is integral to how students express themselves, engage in inquiry, and analyze and solve problems. When students engage in authentic learning that is personal and relevant, they can imagine possibilities and creatively generate understanding.

Please book a session by filling in your information and choose which topic you are interested in. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to book a FREE virtual training session on devices running Windows 10.