Next gen collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Today you are in the office and your colleagues are working remotely.  Tomorrow, you're at home, and your team is at the office. 

We've figured out how to work remotely, we knew how to work in the office.  But are we set-up for effective collaboration when we combine the two?

Let’s find out!  If you are like many of us, you’ve been using Microsoft Teams, and it’s certainly made communication better. But are you using all the features and functionality that this robust collaboration tool has to offer?

Here’s your chance to refine your skills and wow your colleagues with a deeper dive into the core features during this best practices virtual event.

Bring your questions to this hour-long interactive session and we’ll provide answers to help you take your team to the next level of communication and productivity.  We'll take a look at best practices around Teams and Channels, Chats and Meetings. We’ll review uploading, retrieving, editing and collaboration with shared files.  And we’ll discuss how to run smooth and effective online meetings regardless of where the participants are located.

DATE:       Thursday August 27th, 2020
TIME:       2pm EST
WHERE:   Teams event link will be sent after registration

We look forward to virtually seeing you there.